Web-based Meeting

MUGA is a web-based video conferencing platform. Schedule a meeting instantly without any download.

Session Recording

Record your meetings to capture audio, video, and screen sharing activity.

Breakout Rooms

MUGA allows the host to split the participants of the meeting into separate sessions.

Whiteboard Tool

This tool lets MUGA participants draw, sketch, and write together on a shared digital whiteboard.

Public/Private Chat

The built-in real-time chat feature in MUGA enables every participant in the meeting to communicate via one platform.

Attendance Report

You can download the attendance report with the timestamp shown for all attendees.

Shared Notes

Bid adieu to your notebook for meetings. Shared notes allows every participant to take notes and download it for future references.

Manage Presentations

Upload multiple presentations and have it ready to present in the meeting.

Screen Sharing

Share your entire screen or a specific window to the participants in the meeting.