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About MUGA

MUGA is a web-based video conferencing system built to deliver a real-time communication and collaboration experience like never before. As we live in an era of rapid digitization, globalization of businesses, and geographically dispersed teams, the need for dynamic online meeting solutions has been on the rise. In response to the growing demand, we have built MUGA as an all-inclusive virtual conferencing platform for seamless communication, effective collaboration, and better remote workforce management.

Remote working was an option till the dawn of 2020 but today it is the norm across industries. An unforeseen turn of events has demanded us to adapt to the new ways of doing things, be it business, work, or academic.

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MUGA Video Conference Solution – Key Features


Web-based Meeting

MUGA is a web-based video conferencing platform. Schedule a meeting instantly without any download.


Session Recording

Record your meetings to capture audio, video, and screen sharing activity.


Breakout Rooms

MUGA allows the host to split the participants of the meeting into separate sessions.

Video Conference Hardware Requirements

For a successful video call meeting on MUGA, here is the list of basic hardware you would need



Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Mozilla Firefox; ensure that the latest version of the preferred browser is installed for online web conferencing via MUGA



The in-built camera in laptop, mobile phone or tablet would suffice; otherwise, use a high-quality web camera for a better conference call video



Make sure that the in-built microphone in your system is installed and enabled; the use of headphones is recommended to avoid background noise

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